ATDF Journal: Technology Transfer in Africa

Cover ToT Journal7 April 2006


The ATDF Journal Volume 3 Issue 1 (Afr. Technol. Dev. Forum j. 3, 1) looks at technology transfer trends, practices, opportunities, lessons and challenges in Africa. It addresses Africa’s position in global flows of technology, and uses regional, national and technology-specific cases to highlight successes, failures and options for facilitating technology transfer, use and development in Africa



Africa in the global flows of technology: An overview;

V. Konde

The Transfer and Dissemination of Agricultural Technologies: Issues, Lessons and Opportunities;

Brent M. Simpson

Endophyte-enhanced banana tissue culture: an example of transfer technology through public-private partnerships in Kenya and Uganda;

Thomas Dubois et al

Incubators as catalysts in developing high technology businesses: Malaysia’s experience;

Sufian jusoh

Capacity building for biotechnology in Eastern Africa: Status and needs for participation in global bioeconomy;

Bananuka John Armstrong

Compulsory licenses for the exportation of generic versions of patented pharmaceutical products; Daniel Kraus

Technological development in Africa: Impediments and recommendations for change;

Constantine Bartel and Teisha Oberg,

A View Point:

A forced end to Africa’s food dependency? Implications of high oil prices;

Jonathan Gressel

Africa in the News:

Eastern African dialogue on biotechnology policy

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