Abstracts: Sustainability effects from embeddedness of MNEs in developing countries

Cover Embeddedness AbstractMany studies exist about negative ecological impacts stemming from the functioning of multinational enterprises (MNEs). The next special issue of the ATDF Journal aims to shed light on the positive sustainability effects for the local economy, the local environment, and the local community generated from the embeddedness of MNEs. The issue focuses on the positive sustainability effects of locally embedded Swiss-based MNE‘s in Africa, Asia and South and Central America.


The issue examines why «embeddedness» is crucial for MNEs. Embedded ties of MNEs with different stakeholders create value through mechanisms such as trust, knowledge transfer, and joint seeking solutions to solve pertinent problems; they can bring international standards to local businesses and help integrate the local suppliers to global markets.

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The conclusions are based on empirical studies of MNEs in Kenya and Colombia (crop protection and potato value chain), banana production and exports in Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala, and coffee production in the Philippines. A mixed method approach is used to assess the extent and quality of MNEs embeddedness and the positive sustainability effects. The latter are felt as a result of the MNEs efforts in the different dimensions of embeddedness.


Sustainability effects of locally embedded Swiss-MNE‘s in developing countries
Constantine Bartel, Isabelle Schluep Campo

Towards a framework for the operationalization of ISO 26000 standards, community involvement and development
Venkat Seshasai

Embeddedness of Nestlé’s Nescafé business in the Philippines: a win-win situation for farmers and the company
Andreas Schmidli

Embeddedness of Syngenta’s potato and related crop protection business in Colombia: impact on livelihood and well-being.
Isabelle Schluep Campo and Daniele Polini

Embeddedness of Syngenta’s potato and related crop protection business in Kenya: connecting farmers to markets
Luca Costa

Embeddedness of Chiquita’s banana production in Panama: potential to mitigate social and ecological problems
Veronica Soldati

Assessment of Chiquita’s embeddedness and resulting sustainability effects in Guatemala
Nina Ellenbroek

Embeddedness and sustainability effects of Chiquita’s banana operations in Costa Rica
Johannes Hunkeler

The authors show why embeddedness is essential for MNEs and how companies could modify and adapt their sustainability strategy to increase their economic value and reputation.

“The research is undertaken by the Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CCRS) at the University of Zürich”

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