Towards the framework for the operationalization of ISO 26000 standards: Community involvement and development

Venkat Seshasai


The paper defines a holistic concept of embeddedness based on community involvement and development, which is also a key principle of ISO 26000 standards. The main focus is to develop a framework which would operationalize ISO 26000 standards through the development of a unique set of categories and a model to assess the degree of embeddedness (DOE) of multinational enterprises (MNEs) in their region of operation. The DOE, which is the measurement of the holistic embeddedness of MNEs, would indicate how well rooted the MNEs are in the region. A high DOE could point to the possibility of creating positive sustainability effects in the region. The study contributes towards a better understanding of the relationship between embeddedness and sustainability.

Keywords: embeddedness, community involvement and development, ISO 26000 standards, degree of embeddedness, multinational enterprises, sustainability

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