Private Sector

Capacity Development

Through Agriculture Innovation Systems

And Institutional Framework Conditions

Relevance of the Project

This CCRS -FARA - PCNS research project identifies the current challenges and opportunities of existing national AIS in selected African countries and investigates to what extent they enable or hamper successful public-private partnerships in domestic agriculture.

The project is in line with CAADP, the TAP needs assessment on capacity development (CD) for agricultural innovation and the demands expressed by African agricultural entrepreneurs on “Sustaining the Impact of Capacity Development Initiatives for African Youth in Agriculture” and advancing the recommendations of the UniBrain Agribusiness Incubation.

It is also in line with the new strategy on Swiss Development cooperation to make development cooperation more effective and in line with the OECD Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, and to attract more Swiss investments in African agriculture.

Tropical Agriculture Platform

Institutional Framework Conditions for the Promotion of Private Sector Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation in selected African Countries


Based on the critical review of existing initiatives to promote capacity development for agricultural innovation and the lessons learned, the project evaluates the effectiveness, innovativeness and responsiveness of agricultural innovation systems.

Public-private partnerships (PPP) that meet the three dimensions of AIS as defined by TAP - enabling environment, organizations and individuals are selected.

Four-country case studies are being conducted in North, West, East and Southern Africa. 

CDAIS is a global partnership on capacity development for agricultural innovation systems.

Launched in 2015, the overall objective of CDAIS is to make agricultural innovation systems more efficient and sustainable in meeting the demands of farmers, agri-business and consumers.




Investigating Collaboration that Foster Private Sector Development

Assessing the capacity of African agricultural innovation systems to deliver new and improved technologies required to improve agricultural productivity, entrepreneurial and business skills that are vital to the development of African agri-business.

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