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Intellectual property rights (IPR) have become a subject of great  public interest over the last decade or so. Some see IPR as necessary for promoting innovation, technology transfer, trade and investment, among others, in developing countries while others see such rules as a way of denying them access to technology and overpricing technology products such as medicines and improved seeds, among others.

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Challenges of Funding Renewable Natural Resources Research and Education in Sub-Saharan Africa.

August B Temu, ICRFA

Intellectual property clearinghouses as an institutional response to the privatization of innovation in agriculture.

Gregory Graff, Karl Bergman, Alan Bennett, David Zilberman

Knowledge for development: A role for intellectual property in Africa?.

Victor Konde, ATDF

Facilitating Trade in Drugs: An account of the WTO’s agreement on patents and public health.

Gina Vea, ICTSD

Is Intellectual Property a Catalyst for Development? The case of biotechnology sector in Malaysia and Singapore.

Sufian Jusoh, WTI


International Law and Indigenous Knowledge: Intellectual Property, Plant Biodiversity and Traditional Medicine

Chidi Oguamanam

Intellectual Property Management in Health and Agricultural Innovation: A Handbook of Best Practices.

Edited by Anatole Krattiger et al

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