Guidelines to Authors

ATDF Guidelines to authors

14 April 2005


The manuscript should be in A4 size format, times roman, 12 font size, 1.5 sentence spacing with a word count of no more than 7000 and submitted electronically, preferably in MS Word.

The title of the paper:

The first sheet should contain the title of the article, names of authors, affiliation, complete addresses and short biographical note(s).

The abstract:

The abstract should not exceed 200 words and six keywords. It should summarize the purpose, results, interpretation and significance of the study.

The main body:

The main body should start with an Introduction and end with conclusions/discussion. Apart from introduction titles and subtitles should be numbered. In-text references should be provided as numbers ’[number]’. The detailed references are then listed at the end as endnotes.


Should be reflected as follows:

  1. Juma, C. and Konde, V. (2002) “Industrial applications for Biotechnology; Opportunities for developing countries”, Environment, 44, 23-35.
  2. Douglas, M. (1992) Risk and Blame. Essays in Cultural Theory. Routledge, London.
  3. Gabriel, K. R. (1981) Biplot display of multivariate matrices for inspection of data and diagnois. In V. Barnett (ed.) Interpreting multivariate data. John Wiley & Sons, London.
  4. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) (1995) Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, FAO, Rom.

Tables and Figures:

Tables should be furnished with appropriate titles and numbered consecutively in order of their reference in the text. Submit each table and figure on a separate sheet and also indicate the source in case it is not based on your own research results. The layout should follow a consistent standard.


Only electronic copies will be accepted. They should be sent to:

Peer review process:

Authors may recommend peer reviewers. However, every article will be sent to appropriate experts for review. The comments received will be sent back to the author(s).

Special issues by guest editors:

Submit the titles and names of authors of the papers to be contained in the special issue. As a guest editor you assume the responsibility of assuring the quality and integrate of the articles. After that, the issue will be peer reviewed by at least two experts.