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Technology will drive scientific progress in Africa not the other way round

While basic scientific research is still relevant in Africa, its relevance is enhanced when linked to efforts to solve daily problems argues Calestous Juma, Professor of the Practice of International Development at Harvard Kennedy School   For example, in transportation, it is one thing to conduct basic research in material sciences. But the quickest way Read more…

Coping with Migration-Induced Urban Growth: Addressing the Blind Spot of UN Habitat

Philipp Aerni This article is a contribution to the Sustainability Special Issue: A Contextual and Dynamic Understanding of Sustainable Urbanisation   Read the full article here   or   Download PDF version here Abstract The demography of cities in the 21st century will be shaped, to a large extent, by migration. This paper argues that the rights-based approach Read more…

When corporatism leads to corporate
 governance failure
: The case of the Swiss watch industry

Corporatism is often seen as the way Swiss stakeholders in business and politics handle industrial challenges in a reasonable and flexible way. In this publication Dr Isabelle Schluep Campo and Dr Philipp Aerni argue, however, that the emergence of corporatist structures in the Swiss watch industry has often encouraged rent-seeking and collusion at the expense Read more…