About ATDF     

The African Technology Development Forum combines the dissemination of new and relevant knowledge for African entrepreneurs with concrete application on the ground. It gained much experience in investing in local entrepreneurs and coaching newly established businesses nurturing them to success. We have learned lessons from the ATDF incubator.

This valuable knowledge forms the basis of the e-mentoring platform on our ATDF website. The matchmaking platform for entrepreneurs brings together captains of industry, practitioners, experts worldwide and links them with African entrepreneurs that seek to improve the quality of their product or service and enhance their market size.



We continue to significantly improved the design and content of the ATDF website so that it becomes a premier site for innovators, policy makers and researchers in the area of technology, entrepreneurship and development. Our new website will highlight and address:

  • Policy challenges to Africa's innovation policies and systems;
  • Policy measures and their assessment;
  • Incidence of public and private R&D;
  • Relationships among industry, government, and universities;
  • Partnerships that bring new technologies to market and capture the benefits of Africa's R&D investments.

We also invite you to make use of our blog to highlight issues that might be relevant to our readers or voice your opinion about issues addressed in the journal or elsewhere on the website.