Appropriated Construction Materials For Sustainable Development – A Focus On The Built Environment In Africa.


―Upcoming Special issue of ATDF journal on the role of appropriated construction materials

This special issue of ATDF journal focuses on the role of appropriated construction materials used in the human-made surroundings or Built Environment in the African continent. Primarily we look at those materials and techniques for designing buildings that are essential for the development of buildings, and we argue why these are a pre-requisite for Sustainable Development.

On this issue, we look at the challenges and opportunities for conventional and alternative construction materials within a broad African Context. We will examine especially at vernacular materials like bamboo and earth as well as engineered solutions like alternative cement and binders. Moreover, we expect to show how the vision of sustainable construction should be contextualised to the political, social and economic realities in African Countries to encourage their practical applications. With this special issue, we hope to draw attention to the issue of appropriated material selection as well as the broader and possibly more critical aspects to the contextualised development of construction materials aimed at supporting the sustainable development of African Nations through their Built Environments.

By focusing on Africa’s Built Environment along with the suitable use of building material we hope to show our readers and policymakers the magnitude of the effects of construction alternatives on what is unquestionably unprecedented impacts of climate change on the environment of the continent.

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