ATDF-Journal Perspectives on Agriculture, infrastructure, migration and transformation

April 2019

This ATDF Journal on Agriculture, infrastructure, migration and transformation explains how there has been profound changes and significant progress in many aspects of Tanzania’s rural economy providing prospects for a realistic economic response to evolving market opportunities and significant progress in living conditions. Robin Workman describes how the efficiency of rural transport is important for improving financial and time costs in the delivery of products and for reducing post-harvest losses. Many crops lose value as they are transported over rough roads and suffer time delays in getting to the market.

The Journal reveals a unique examination in Africa’s gold trade. United Arab Emirates (UAE) Import data discloses the unlikely exporters gold to the UAE from the African continent. The largely overlooked phenomenon of Intra-African migration is described and how it could support the continents structural transformation.

Lastly, as the continent looks ahead to ever closer economic and trade integration, the Journal looks back at the recommendations of the Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic which covered power, transport, irrigation, water and sanitation to examine in more detail some of the recommendations almost a decade later in the next ATDF Issue:

Inside this Issue

Food Crops are Cash Crops: a perspective on agricultural policy PDF

Brian Van Arkadie

The efficiency of rural transport: Measuring Road Condition of the First Mile PDF

Robin Workman

Trade and Smuggling of African Gold to UAE: the Cases of Libya and Sudan PDF

Professor Roman Grynberg, Dr Jacob Nyambe and 
Mr Fwasa Singogo

Intra-African migration and structural transformation PDF

Junior Roy Davis, Milasoa Cherel-Robson
 Jane Muthumbi, Claudia Roethlisberger and Anja Slany

Africa’s Infrastructure: A Time for Transformation PDF 

Vivien Foster and Cecilia Briceno-Garmendia