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Africa was one of the hardest hit regions by the world food crisis of 2007-08. This Atdf Journal on the Food Crisis helps document the crisis and the way forward with new data on food prices, production and trade at the aggregate and household level, focusing particularly on the influence of Africa’s own agricultural policies and the role of foreign aid. It discusses a series of proposals that would could alleviate the plight of millions of vulnerable people.


Beyond the Food Crisis: Trade, Aid and Innovation in African Agriculture.

William A. Masters

The Global Food Crisis: A Toolkit for Audacious Leaders.

Arvind Subramanian

A New Approach to Deal with the Global Food Crisis.

Philipp Aerni

Promoting Commercial Agriculture in Africa.

Federico Bonaglia, Patrizia Labella and Jane Marshal

What trade policy framework to address food insecurity?.

Jonathan Hepburn and Constantine Bartel

Investing in Agriculture to overcome the world food crisis and reduce poverty and hunger.

Shenggen Fan and Mark W. Rosegrant

The Tragedy of African Agriculture: Trade liberalization and agricultural export performance.

Samuel Gayi

The Food Versus Fuel Issue: Case of the Philippines.

Liborio S. Cabanilla and U-Primo E. Rodriguez


ATDF-UNCTAD-WTI-ETH team up to promote Women Entrepreneurship.

The proposed ATDF-ZDA Incubation Centre.

ATDF Business Matching Service

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