ATDF Journal: Lighting Up Africa

ATDF Journal: Lighting Up Africa

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ATDF Journal: Lighting Up Africa Volume_2_Issue_2 suggests alternative options of improving access to commercial energy and ensuring Africa’s energy security.


Lighting up Africa: Energy for development.

Victor Konde

The nuclear power options for Africa.

Y.A. Sokolov and A. McDonald

Development of a microprocessor–based charge controller for home solar system.

Lampi and G.K. Chinyama

GIS and rural electricity planning: A case study of Uganda.

Elizabeth Kaijuka

The enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation of pretreated wheat straw and bagasse to ethanol.

M.I. Rajoka

View Points

Factors driving oil prices and mitigating strategies for importers.

Rachid Amui

Biomass and Bio-fuels: Alternative energy; sources.

Constantine Bartel

What to do with the windfall gains of African oil exporting countries

Lamon Rutten

Hydropower training in Africa and beyond.

Kaela Siame


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