ATDF Journals

November 8, 2007

ATDF Journal: Competition

The African Technology Development Forum Journal Volume 4, Issue 3 looks at Africa’s competitiveness with a special focus on technological learning, emerging environmental, food and energy supply constraints and investment. It also takes a special look at the fight against malaria.

July 8, 2007

ATDF Journal – A Focus on Education

  This issue of ATDF Journal Volume 6 is devoted to the multifaceted nature and the changing face of educational institutions – ranging from low cost private schools to national vocational and professional systems. It also addresses the different and critical roles that education plays in society – as a tool for economic and social development, economic Read More

April 1, 2007

ATDF Journal: Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs)

    The ATDF Journal volume 4 issue 1 looks at information and communication technologies with a special f ocus on the opportunities that it offers to Africa, the challenges and the benefits as well as the policies that may be needed to realize these opportunities. Authors draw lessons from Africa and abroad to highlight some of Read More

October 9, 2006

ATDF Journal: Intellectual Property

  Intellectual property rights (IPR) have become a subject of great  public interest over the last decade or so. Some see IPR as necessary for promoting innovation, technology transfer, trade and investment, among others, in developing countries while others see such rules as a way of denying them access to technology and overpricing technology products such as medicines and improved seeds, among others. Read More

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