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June 9, 2006

Atdf Journal: Focus on Entrepreneurship

  Atdf Journal: Focus on Entrepreneurship discusses the development of Africa’s private sector which so far consists of mostly informal micro enterprises, operating alongside large firms. Most companies are small because the private sector is new and because of legal and financial obstacles to capital accumulation. The development of the private sector varies greatly throughout Africa. SMEs are Read More

March 1, 2006

ATDF Journal: Technology Transfer in Africa

7 April 2006   The ATDF Journal Volume 3 Issue 1 (Afr. Technol. Dev. Forum j. 3, 1) looks at technology transfer trends, practices, opportunities, lessons and challenges in Africa. It addresses Africa’s position in global flows of technology, and uses regional, national and technology-specific cases to highlight successes, failures and options for facilitating technology Read More

December 1, 2005

ATDF Journal: The Right to Health

  5 October 2005 This issue of ATDF Journal on Health looks at the role governments, the pharmaceutical industry and multilateral organizations play in healthcare provision, and presents the current health status, initiatives and challenges in Africa and offers some alternative policy options.       Inside this issue The Right to Health: A Duty Read More

June 9, 2005

ATDF Journal: Lighting Up Africa

ATDF Journal: Lighting Up Africa ATDF Journal: Lighting Up Africa Volume_2_Issue_2 suggests alternative options of improving access to commercial energy and ensuring Africa’s energy security. INSIDE THIS ISSUE Lighting up Africa: Energy for development. Victor Konde The nuclear power options for Africa. Y.A. Sokolov and A. McDonald Development of a microprocessor–based charge controller for home solar Read More

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