ATDF Journals

December 1, 2009

ATDF Journal: Role of education in the knowledge economy

    The ATDF Journal volume 4 issue 2, examines and advices on the role of universities in the knowledge economy with a focus on skills development, lifelong learning to meet future needs. It also addresses issue of governance and curriculum of African universities and the role of Universities in developing entrepreneurship as a centre of innovation. Read More

June 8, 2009

ATDF JOURNAL – Intra Firm Trade

  This Issue of ATDF Journal looks at intra-firm trade as an increasing share of world trade takes place within firms. What kind of incentives are necessary to induce multinationals to collaborate more with the local private sector and local universities in developing countries; What kind of domestic policies are feasible and trade agreements to better embed Read More

October 9, 2008

Atdf Journal: Food Crisis

    Africa was one of the hardest hit regions by the world food crisis of 2007-08. This Atdf Journal on the Food Crisis helps document the crisis and the way forward with new data on food prices, production and trade at the aggregate and household level, focusing particularly on the influence of Africa’s own agricultural policies Read More

March 8, 2008

ATDF Journal: Infrastructure and Development

  The African Technology Development Forum Journal Volume 4, Issue 4 looks at infrastructure-related issues and development with a special focus on stock, role of engineering, procurement and country experiences. It also takes a special look at the resource mobilization for development and innovation a least developed country.   Highlights: Inside this Issue Difference Within Peers: The Read More

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